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About us

Michel & Mirna Akiki

The Story Of   "Success"
Everything started with a Passionate Love that joined them together, which became the symbol of Flowers in Lebanon today.

As a child, Michel was a student in Dbayeh School where he spent all his days between

the trees and the flowers. As for their parents, they were Florists.
Mirna have always loved Flowers that she used to buy occasionally from a shop near
her school. In fact, since he was a child, Michel had a special interest in Flowers.
As a student, he had the opportunity to be introduced to many Flowers Experience.
He learned how to distinguish between the Kinds of Plants, and his passionate for the garden field became bigger.
Having in mind many ideas of expansion and renovation of the profession,

Michel decided to enlarge the business. Subsequently,
Michel &Mirna's business grew bigger as a result of some bankers that had trusted

them and their idea. Even in the worst economical situations in the country,
Michel had the ability to get banks' loans for his projects.
Akiki believes that good quality  and generosity in sales and display

are primary factors that lead to success in this profession. Akiki says these
principles served as a strong foundation for Saoud Flowers continuity. Saoud Flowers
has been a pioneer in inventing a great variety of both Arabian and Foreign Models
of arrangements as well as wedding design and The institution, across the country,
has become an expert in executing all these kinds of wedding and has ever since been
one of the most renowned names in the Flowers Arts in The Arab World.